Candidate Tips: Video Interview

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a standout profile and have been invited to the next stage – the video interview.

This is the final step before you are accepted onto our books. If you’re successful here, you will soon be considered for shifts, so don’t run out of steam now! This 30 minute interview is your chance to sell yourself, and give us first-hand experience of what we can expect from you on the shop floor.

The Process

Once your profile has been deemed suitable, one of our staffing executives will reach out to arrange your interview. They may contact you by phone or email, so please ensure your contact details are correct and up to date. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for our communications, and have good availability to book an interview in. Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder for our emails, and to save this contact to your address book for future reference.

On the day of your interview, we will video call via Skype/Facetime at the agreed time. We can be accommodating if you need to rearrange. But, please remember that we have other interviews booked in, so if you miss one it might be a while before we can reschedule. Always ensure you give us notice if this is necessary.

How to prepare

To ensure the process runs smoothly, here are a few key tips for the day of your interview:

  • Make sure your presentation is on point. As we’ve mentioned before, first impressions really count! Aim to present yourself as you would on the shop floor and ensure that your appearance is smart and professional.
  • Test your internet connection! We know these things can act up at the most inconvenient times. Double check that your connection is strong beforehand, so we can save some time and rearrange if needed.
  • Try to go somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed. Consider this when arranging the interview so that you can suggest a suitable time when this will be possible.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at what you can expect, and how you can make the most of your interview.

Step one: Introduction

By this stage, we already know a bit about you from reading your profile, and from our communication with you. So, this is our chance to see how you interact. Treat this as an introductory chat. We will ask you some general questions to start off, so we can get to know you a bit better and see how you communicate. We’re looking for people who are confident, easy to talk to and, most of all, make us want to have a conversation with you.

We know that interviews can sometimes feel a bit intimidating! Stay relaxed – the best consultants are able to make every interaction feel natural. Give us the impression that you are a people person who can easily start conversations with customers.

Step two: Your requirements

Once accepted onto our books, you have the freedom to apply only for shifts that suit your requirements. So, we like to take a bit of time to discuss what you’re looking for. This includes the locations you’re able to work in, and the level of commitment you’re able to provide. Be honest here! Even if you can only work one day a week, or in one specific location, we get a variety of shifts so will likely find something suitable.

You can also let us know if there are any areas you generally prefer working in, such as fragrance, beauty, or skincare. We get a lot of interest in our shifts, so let us know why you believe you’re best suited to that area. Similarly, we find that some people thrive working on the main counter but may find promotional sites trickier, and vice versa. Are you able to learn brand knowledge quickly? You may work well on the main counter! If traffic stopping is something you really enjoy, a promotional site might work well for you. Have a think about this, as it allows us to understand more about how you work.

Step three: Scenario questions

This is the main bulk of the interview and is the key factor in determining your suitability for the agency. We will be able to see first-hand how you will work in store, and how you will respond to certain situations. If you don’t have much previous experience, you can really prove yourself here! The right attitude can go a long way.

Our roles require consultants who are skilled in two key areas:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Sales

In light of this, we will ask you a couple of questions regarding situations that you could encounter on the shop floor. We ‘re looking for people who can give us a strong impression of how they would approach the scenarios presented.

There are a lot of ‘right’ answers to these questions. Ultimately, we’re looking for people with the right thought process. So, with your answers, always consider two perspectives – the customer, and the brand. Consider the below questions:

  • How do you like to be approached in store?
  • As a consultant, what image would you like to portray to customers?
  • Are you more likely to buy a recommended product if the sales person takes the time to understand your needs?
  • What methods can you employ to boost sales, whilst ensuring the products are right for the customer?

Both perspectives have similar answers. Put simply, you cannot have strong sales without excellent customer service. Similarly, brilliant customer service will naturally lead to stronger sales.

Bear this in mind, and you should have no problems mastering this part of the interview!

Step four: Your questions

At the end of the interview, you can ask us your burning questions and ensure we’re the right fit for you too! Even with previous agency or industry experience, all agencies are different so please ask if there is anything you’re unsure of. We pride ourselves on the communication we have with our staff, so you’re welcome to get in touch anytime.

In summary:

  • Be prepared! Set yourself up for a great interview experience by ensuring your interview set up works.

  • Be yourself! Natural conversation is key on the shop floor, so portray this in your interview.

  • Draw on your own experiences. Great experiences you’ve had as a customer can inform your work as a consultant.

  • Ask questions! We are dedicated to you fully for the duration of your interview. So, feel free to get to know us too and ensure you have all the information you need.

Best of luck with your interview! Click here to start your application today.