Counter Cover vs Promotional Site – Choosing the right staff

The right consultant can make all the difference on the shop floor. As an agency, we pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know our staff. We therefore have a great understanding of their strengths, and are confident that we can select the best consultant for you.

In order to match our consultant to your brand, we dig a little deeper into your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a consultant to work on your main counter, or need staff to cover a dedicated promotional site. We make sure to understand your needs in the first instance, so we can be sure our consultants are offering the best service possible on the shop floor.

Let’s take a look at the differences between counter cover and a promotional site, and what we consider when selecting the right staff.

Counter Cover

When booking counter cover, we know that you’re looking for someone who can fill in for your regular consultants. Their main purpose is to provide an excellent brand experience whilst hitting the counter sales target.

In light of this, we look at 3 key areas:

Brand knowledge

First of all, it’s essential that our counter cover consultants have a great understanding of your brand as a whole. A browsing customer presents a prime opportunity for the consultant to utilise their brand knowledge. By demonstrating their expertise, they can provide a personalised experience, and make suitable recommendations. For counter cover, we aim to book consultants who have experience with your brand, and are able to work in depth with the whole range of products.

Lasting customer connections

Secondly, the ability to create a positive brand experience is vital in cultivating lasting customer connections. Whether the customer is new to the brand, or already has brand loyalty, their experience at the counter leaves a lasting impression. Being fully in tune to the brand message and adapting as required to convey this is vital. Our consultants are adept at taking the time to understand your brand’s approach. Applying this, they can create the ultimate personalised brand experience, ensuring brand loyalty and repeat business.

Link sales

Lastly, once our consultant has found the perfect product for the customer, link selling is key to making the most of that interaction. To link sell effectively, our consultants know to refer back to the needs of the customer at all times. Maintaining this personalised approach to hit sales targets is something we ensure our counter cover staff are able to do.

Promotional Sites

The approach towards a promotional site is slightly different. With a focus on raising awareness for a new launch, or boosting sales for a particular product, a high number of connections and strong sales take to the fore.

Considering this, we ensure our consultants are skilled in these 3 areas:

Traffic stopping

The number one trait in all our consultants is having the initiative to approach every customer. However, with a promotional site, this is even more pronounced. Being away from the main counter, they need to actively raise awareness of the site and the product on offer. Having the initiative to really drive traffic makes all the difference on a promotional site, as this is often the first contact the customer will have with that brand or product.

Hooking them in

Hooking the customer in once they have been approached is key. Initial interactions are often quick, but the consultant has a unique opportunity to connect with new customers. This requires consultants who are bold in their approach and experienced in converting sales. Offering the customer a tester or blotter can raise awareness of the product, but effectively converting that quick interaction into a longer conversation takes confidence and drive.

Closing the sale

As the initial contact time with the customer is shorter than opportunities presented at the main counter, the time must be used effectively. Consultants who can quickly close sales really stand out. This opens up the opportunity for them to approach more customers and maximise potential. Someone who is target driven and able to work efficiently can really make the most of a promotional site.

Final thoughts

At Fortem and Mode, we make sure to book confident sellers and people with natural customer service skills in all circumstances. However, thanks to the strong relationships we have with our staff, we are able to identify their specific strengths. This, together with a careful understanding of the requirements of each booking, means we can book the very best consultants to meet your needs.

For more information on how we choose the right staff for you, contact us!