Four advantages of hiring temps

At Fortem & Mode we are experts on all things temporary staffing. In our latest blog we reveal four advantages of hiring temporary staff (temps) for your business.

1. Temporary staff can provide flexibility in uncertain times

Times have never been so uncertain in the retail sector. With thousands of businesses having made redundancies, many are now facing a staffing shortfall as industries begin to recover. Temporary staff allow you to respond to ebbs and flows in demand without investing in and committing to full time salaries at times of significant business uncertainty.

Many temp staffing agencies offer flexible cancellation terms so you can reduce your team size swiftly in the event of business downturn, without having to consider a complicated redundancy process. Temps can also provide a fast and interim solution for sudden turnovers or company events.

2. Temporary staff can be your next permanent hire

Finding and hiring employees that are the perfect fit for your business can be a lengthy ordeal and somewhat of a challenge. Temporary staff give managers the opportunity to assess and evaluate workers over a longer period of time without having to commit to a full time offer.

Many temp staffing agencies offer a temp to perm service whereby a temp can transfer to the client’s business after the completion of a successful temporary contract if the role is a good fit for both parties. A temporary staffing service in the short term can also provide some welcome breathing space when working to fill a vacancy in your permanent team.

3. Temporary staff can give your company access to new skills

Temps can bring new perspectives and skills to their roles that can improve company productivity. Recruiting someone with a specialist skill to support a new product launch, or simply bringing in an energetic and fresh member of staff to take charge of a promotional site can make a huge difference to sales results.

Temps are also in a great position to provide competitor insight since they often work across multiple brands, whilst experience of joining organisations for a limited period of time often helps them hit the ground running in their new role.

4. Temporary staff can become leaders

Over one-third of managers in business started out as a temporary member of staff. There is nothing to say that your next temporary hire won’t go on to do exactly the same and become a pivotal member of your business’ operations.

Quite often, the variety and experience gained from working their way up from the shop floor, with exposure to different business models along the way, stands temporary staff in good stead to climb the ranks more efficiently.

Best retail temps for your business

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